Express Entry

With its most vibrant positive and active approach to its immigration policies Canada welcomes almost 200,000 new immigrants each year. According to an international survey conducted recently, 53 per cent of adults in the world’s 24 leading countries said they would immigrate to Canada. While Canada offers a great choice of both Federal and Provincial immigration programs, immigration to Canada has become increasingly popular due to main driver of the Canadian immigration system – Express Entry. Express Entry applicants receive priority processing and increased accessibility for candidates from a broader range of occupations. Without a cap on the number of applications being accepted for processing, applicants can apply to Express Entry at any time without being concerned that the program will close or fill up before their application is completed.

All immigration programs managed under the Express Entry system have different eligibility criteria. The programs are:

Thus ability to qualify under one of the above categories is the first requirement under Express Entry.

 The Express Entry involves two steps:

  1. Complete an online Express Entry profile, be placed in pool of candidates.
  2. Receive invitation to apply for permanent residence from IRCC.

Candidates in the pool are raked using a point-based system (CSR). Getting into Express Entry doesn’t guarantee invitation to apply, since applicants have to meet all eligible and admissibility requirements. Upon entering the pool, candidates are assigned a CRS score based on factors including education, work experience, language ability, and other criteria. Highest-ranking candidates are regularly selected from draw and invited to apply for permanent residence. Results and previous rounds of invitations can be found at


You can check your eligibility for any of the three categories that come under Express Entry

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry)

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