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CEO Message

Career Migration, under the esteemed leadership of Director Atif Javaid, a Canadian resident of Pakistani origin residing in Lahore, embodies a commitment to customer care, integrity, trouble-free services, and competitive prices. Our success is attributed to the grace of Almighty Allah, the prayers of our parents, and the tireless hard work of the Career Migration team.

Since our humble beginnings in 2019, we have ascended to a position of esteem, dignity, and excellence through unwavering dedication to our profession. Our team's unique blend of skills, expertise, intellect, honesty, and strict professional standards sets us apart from our peers.

We invite you to entrust your future to our professional services, assured that it is in safe, secure, and professional hands. With our honest, sincere, dedicated, and professional approach, our team endeavors to guide you to success. Join the ranks of our many successful clients and embark on your journey with confidence.

Our Team

Mr. Atif Javed

CE0 (Chief Executive Office)

Fatima Muhammad

Managing Director

Fatima Azeem

Social Media Manager