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Study in Australia

What makes Australia stand out among countries around the globe is high standard education available at 43 top-notch universities of Australia, out of which 6 are top ones in the world. The career-oriented approach of teaching – that includes practical training, easy access to the latest technology and up-to-date resources stacked in state-of-the art libraries – attracts thousands of international students to this land of opportunities.

 A variety of courses to choose from:

The students can study whatever they like fit for their career. Almost all combination of courses ranging from physical and social sciences are available along with the opportunity to switch programs from one university to the other.

Courses are offered at various levels such as certificates, diplomas, advance diplomas, undergraduate and post graduate programs, and technical training courses in Australia. Moreover, international students can be enrolled in foundation programs and English language courses (ELICOS) to make pathways to universities.  

Living Expenses in Australia are comparatively low:

One of the benefits of studying in Australia is affordable yet high standard life-style which international students enjoy along with their education. It is relatively easy to find part-time jobs in Australia as compared to Canada, the UK, and the USA. International students can meet their living expenses easily by working their allowed period of time.

Partial and fully funded Scholarships in Australia:

International students can also avail themselves of the chance to win the partial and fully funded scholarships in Australian universities. However, there are certain criteria to be followed to win these scholarships. Students should contact the university’s Aid department to get the latest updates.

Students find it easy to acclimatize themselves in Australia:

Australia which is one of the primary destinations for international students comes third after the UK and the US in terms of attracting students globally. The number of foreign students who attend Australian educational institutes has been nearly one million for some years. A lot of diversity has been seen in the cultures that foreign students bring with them every year, yet the friendly atmosphere available at all universities in Australia and community development programs help students to develop excellent relations with other students, to get settled socially and to have the best living experience.

The Requirements for the Australian Study Visa:

Students are often confused about the process of how to get study visa for Australia from Pakistan. Here you will see how to go Australia from Pakistan. You must be clear about one thing that your choice of course decides for how long your visa will be valid and how you will turn your study visa into work permit in Australia. You can visit the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website to know the kinds of visa you need.

The following documents are to be arranged  to meet the Australian student visa requirements from Pakistan in particular and from other countries in general.

  • Proof of your English Language Proficiency (IELTS, PTE, IELTS etc.)

(For Undergraduate Programs Overall 6.0 Band Score with No Band Score Less than 5.5 is required and for Post Graduate Programs an Overall 6.5 Band Score with No Band Score Less than 6.0 in each module is required. Similarly for other English Proficiency Exams an equivalent Test score corresponding to above mentioned IELTS test scores is required.)

  • Proof of Enrollment

The Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment is issued by a Recognized Australian Institution where applicant want to study.

  • Electronic Copy of Academic Documents

Result Cards/Transcripts/Degrees etc.)

  • SOP (Statement of Purpose for student visa)
  • Financial documents as a proof of funds, GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrance)
  • Health insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) policy details.
  • Medical fitness Test Reports for Polio, COVID-19.
  • Biometrics (fingerprint scanning procedure at the designated place)
  • A passport with validity up to the length of your program

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