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Why Would You Choose Canada for Study?

Canada is, no doubt, the most desirable destination for international students. As compared to the other destinations, Canada attracts a considerable amount of students every year from different countries. A visible preference can be seen for Canada over other countries like USA, UK, and Australia etc.  The study in Canada is far better than other countries for reasons like diversity in culture to have rich social experience, safe and friendly environment to enjoy all socio-economic rights let alone the opportunity to find an easy pathway to becoming permanent residence; the dream-come-true situation for the people outside Canada. Unlike other countries, students apply for study permit instead of study visa. Students first get Temporary Resident Visa from the Canadian High Commission via Visa Application Centers and in this case students will contact VFS Global Services wherever they are stationed in their countries.

Whoever wants to study in Canada needs an official permission which is granted by the Canadian immigration authorities in the form of a document called a study permit.  which the Canadian immigration authorities issue. This document is required to get enrolled in Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.

Students take the Letter of Introduction with them and present it to the boarder control agency officer as they land in Canada. The officer after conducting all the formal procedure hands over study permit to the arriving student

Getting the student permit is easy if you:

  1. Have an acceptance letter for the admission in a designated learning institute for your chosen course.
  2. Provide the proof of sufficient funds to meet living expenses and pay your fees.
  3. Have proof of your language proficiency required for the study in Canada
  4. Have valid passport and other identification documents.
  5. Have GIC fund account in case of applying in SSD program.
  6. Have a police certificate to show your clean criminal record.
  7. Have a health certificate to show your medical fitness.
  8. Two passport-sized photographs (4mb for online application) (35 mm x 45 mm for paper-based application.
  9. Statement of purpose
  10. Credit card for paying the online visa fee/ a bank draft or cash in case of in person payment at VAC ( Visa Application Center)
  11. If you are called for the interview, you must convince the officer about your honest intentions to return to your home country after completing your study. Keep all the above mentioned documents with you at the time of interview as the visa officer may demand them during the interview to confirm if you are a genuine student.

     Applying a student visa involves a lot of hassle to tackle all the legal matters skillfully, a slight mistake of which can cause the rejection of your case.

Take our expert advice if you need to know further about the Canada student visa requirements for Pakistani citizens.

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