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Turkish student visa:

Advantages of Study in Turkey:
It is difficult to refuse study in Turkey because it has a lot of reasons that a student should prefer for his future.
• It has the best universities which are competing with other universities.
• There is a panel of different Turkish and international professors that enhance the skills of the students at a wide range of experiences and point of view.
• Survival is reasonable for every category of student. They give discounts or transportation, museum, cinema and many other activities so that the student can feel comfortable.
• The job exposure in Turkey is vast. It has very strategic location, a student can easily travel form one place to another. This would be beneficial for the student that when he will graduate, he can easily get the opportunity to travel and can get the job or any internship.
• The student in Turkish university can also get the Erasmus exchange opportunity after a year or two completing the studies. It can allow you to travel and study in other European countries that are connected or partners with Erasmus. This can provide you the facility to get more exposure of the world and you can get the chance to visit different multiple universities.
• Students get confused either they have to learn Turkish language for the admission or any other procedure to get education in Turkey. But there are universities offering courses in English language. There is English medium environment for the international students
• You will also learn Turkish language and learning new language always add values to the skills and after graduating you will be able to star your new career.
• It also offers perfect destinations and to explore new things within your budget.


Here are some important steps that you will follow to generate a visa application for Turkey. First, you can only apply for student visa when you will get the acceptance letter from Turkish university. It is important to attach the acceptance letter with the application then you will be able to apply. You will attach the original acceptance letter. Anatolia facilitate will receive your acceptance letter via email from the university. Then the student will submit the applications.

Requirements for the Visa application:
• The form will be filed online and it is compulsory for everyone.
• You should have your passport valid for 8 months and previous photocopies of passports attested.
• You will bring 2 photographs with white background (5 cm x 5 cm)
• Photocopies of attested academic transcript and previous certificates or degrees with their English translations.
• Language proficiency certificates.
• For master’s program, the applicant should attach or upload the bachelor’s degree and transcript with English translation.
• Travel health insurance certificate is required, it should be valid for 90 days from your entry date in Turkey and it is important to apply for the visa.
• If you have a private candidate then your consultant can help you to get the health insurance certificate or your travel agency can also provide you the certificate.
• Student should have his own bank account which can deal the foreign currencies.
• You should also have your medical certificate attested from recognized hospital.
• The police certificate is mandatory to confirm that you are a civilized citizen of your country.
• You should also show your financial sponsor letter. In case the student is sponsoring by himself then he should show his affidavit. It is necessary to provide a guarantee letter from your financial sponsor.
• You will provide the signatures and CNIC of the sponsor.
• You must attach the admission letter given you from the institute.
• You should provide the residential address.
• Consent letter from the parents is important to attach.
• The embassy could take 10 working days for the visa application process from the date of submission.
• It takes 3-4 weeks for the application process and for the convenience a student should apply before 4-8 weeks of the arrival.

Process for Visa:
All the above mentioned documents will be sent to Anatolia office in designated placed in Pakistan. Your application should not have any kind of mistake otherwise the application will not process further. The processing may take 4-8 weeks then you can fly to Turkey for studies.

Post residence in Turkey:
The post study in Turkey has the following features which should be followed:
• Working legally in Turkey after graduation is not possible even in public offices and even in private departments and centers.
• Turkish universities welcome all the international students and foreign researchers.
• Turkish university both public and private, appoint personnel without Turkish nationality.
• If you want employment in Turkey after completing your studies, you should know that it is not possible without having enough knowledge of Turkish language.
• If you want job then you should properly research and investigate the places for employment in Turkey. You should represent resume about your experience, specialties and other interests.
• Turkey has lots of companies having different languages such as Russian, German, English or Italian as their major language. They will invite you for the interview if they accept your degree, or any course which you are best in for workplace. The students of these post will compete strongly.
• People in Turkey are eager to learn English so for teaching job you should have the certificates such as, TEFL, CELTA and TESOL.

     Applying a student visa involves a lot of hassle to tackle all the legal matters skillfully, a slight mistake of which can cause the rejection of your case.

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