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Why Study in UK?

Now a days, UK is in the list of highly preferred and recommended destination for studies. The Education system of UK has become a bench mark for other countries. The standard of education in UK has reached to a level where everyone wanted to be there for best opportunities. The system of learning is different and flexible where any student can adjust easily. Study in UK is based on practicality and utility based knowledge over textbook learning. Students will not only get education but they can also be able to earn for their living and can get experiences in their respective fields. This will enhance their critical thinking and they will be enable to acquire analytical skills as well as their creative writing. Here are some reasons why studying in UK is preferred for the students:

  1. Educational excellence:

                                     The education system of UK ensures that all the students have access to the best quality of learning and research. Study in England for Pakistani students can open up great opportunities for learning because students are given the most favorable and relaxing environment to explore their ideas so that they can be more creative and active member of teaching and learning process. This way of leaning might be confusing for the students but then the students will receive support and from their teachers and they will feel comfortable.

  1. Course timeline and Exploring new pathways:

                          UK offers short duration of courses that are comprehensive. You graduate earlier and the quality of education remains best. You will complete undergraduate program in three years, you’ll be able to complete graduate program in one year. It not only saves your time but the money spent on your tuition fees and living costs. You can also do job for your survival and on the other hand it will be beneficial for you to gain experience in your perspective field. You can explore different countries while studying because UK is interconnected with major European countries.

  1. Role of English language in study visa:

                           UK has the biggest library in the world. It has been the front line country having best learning and techniques used for learning language which have been used everywhere around the globe. Many courses are offered in colleges and universities but the term specifically ‘pre-sessional English courses’ is used for these preparation courses. The government has announced important changes to language testing for visa applications. It reduced the number of tests for visa and introduced new policy in the system where the tests are administered.



Points to be considered:        


The student who has completed his intermediate studies with high marks will go for international year 1 (a diploma leading to degree program). You can go for one year program with one visa. After completing one year the student will again apply for visa for further studies. Some universities offers both diploma and degree.

  • CAS (confirmation of Acceptance of Studies)

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